How To Conduct Tours In The Pandemic

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How To Conduct Tours In The Pandemic

There is some confusion around conducting tours during COVID-19. As there are no set guidelines or procedures in place. Luckily, I conducted a tour in Delhi and learned a few things about conducting tours during COVID-19. The tours can be done safely if we are mindful of safety and follow the necessary precautions. Sharing this checklist from my personal experience (I Gave A Tour In Pandemic And There Is Hope) on how to conduct tours in the Pandemic.

  1. Choose a place with less crowd

    It is vitally important to avoid the crowd. So, for your tours choose a place which is not receiving a large amount of crowd. Pick the monuments or spots in your city that are relatively less crowded. 

  2. Choose a day and time to avoid people

    After deciding your place, look for their opening days and hours. And select for the time slots like Sunday early morning (for markets like Old Delhi) or weekday early mornings for markets or monuments.

  3. Keep yourself safe by wearing face masks and/or gloves

    Wear a face mask all the time during the tour. If possible you can also use a face shield and gloves. Make sure to inform the same to your guests as well. You can also carry a few face masks for your guest if needed.Ashwani BHati at Red Fort being tour guide

  4. Wear full-length clothes and well-covered shoes

    Try to cover yourself as much as you can by wearing full sleeves tops, and full-length pants, well-covered shoes, and a cap. Convey the same to your guest.

  5. Maintain distance between the guest and the people around

    Keep a check on the distance between you and the guests and also the people on the street. 

  6. Frequently wash your hands with sanitizer

    It is pertinent to keep washing your hands from time to time. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Ask your guests to wash their hands frequently.

  7. Avoid touching surfaces

    Strictly avoid touching any surface during the tour. If you have to touch it, don’t forget to sanitizer or cover the surface before touching it. Also, wash or sanitize yourself after touching any type of surface during the entire tour.

  8. Avoid eating or drinking outside

    Try to avoid eating or drinking while on tour or in a public place. I will recommend drinking water in secluded places with no or few people around.

  9. Avoid public transport like buses or Tuk-Tuk

    Try to travel in private transport and avoid any form of public transport. Enjoy the city on your foot and take long walks, you might discover something new.

  10. Keep your guides and guests trained and informed

    Training and informing both guides and guests is very important. The tours can be done safely only if both are well informed and trained about the safety measures.

  11. Most importantly! Don’t forget to enjoy, you are on a tour

    Enjoy the tour as much as you can. It is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your guests. Try to make it fun and safe. Ashwani bhati with tourist at Spice Market

This checklist is from my personal experience. Please check the WHO and local government guidelines before going on a tour and follow the necessary protocols.

I hope this checklist gave you an idea on how to conduct tours in the pandemic. Feel free to add your inputs and connect with me regarding tours and it’s safety. I will be happy to talk about it.

Travel Safe!

Ashwani Bhati (TheHorsesKing)

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