How To Book Train Tickets In India As Foreigner

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How To Book Train Tickets In India As Foreigner

Time needed: 1 hour.

If you are not an Indian citizen or particularly not right now in India and don’t know how to book train tickets in India than this article is for you.
You might find the task of booking the train ticket a bit difficult (read confusing) in India. If you are foreigner, the Indian Railways website will be very primitive for you to understand (though it is the latest).

  1. Go to the IRCTC website.

    The page will look like this. The URL is Railways IRCTC Booking Website

  2. If you have registered yourself before then its cool.

    You can use this Blog to know about booking trains.
    If you are new, you need to register yourself first at IRCTC.
    Find the register link near the login in red.

  3. A new page will open, after you click on the Register button.

    Here you need to fill in the details.

  4. After entering all the details, you need to enter your country and residential address.

    You need to enter your mobile phone number and email address as well. IRCTC uses it to verify you. You will be receiving both an email and a text message on your phone for verification (the mail and text message might take time due to time difference).
    There is a catch. Irrespective of your country, if you are using a phone number with ISD code other than +91 than you need to pay the registration fee of INR 100 after your first login. If by any chance you have Indian number with ISD +91, you can register by that and avoid the small registration fee.
    The registration fee is being charged because Indian Railways is going to send an international message to you.

  5. Get your Passport copy ready

    After completing the registration, if you used the international number you need to send your passport copy with your Username from your registered email address to IRCTC at

  6. Verify your profile

    It’s time to verify your profile on IRCTC. If registration will be done using the phone number, you’ll get OTP on the phone. If done with email id, you’ll get OTP through the mail. Both might take some time (you have to be patient).

  7. Start booking

    Login into your account and start booking the trains.

Contact me if any further help needed.

Ashwani Bhati (TheHorsesKing)

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