Also known as TheHorsesKing among friends.

Ashwani Bhati Photo standing with crossed arms

I'm Ashwani Bhati

I am on a mission to provide a sensory experience to the tourists. While in engineering, I never thought of being a contributor to tourism, and I end being one.

People love to travel and experience India, but don’t know how and where. They need someone to help them on their journey.

Today, I take heritage tours, food tours, photography tours, and other experiential tours in India and help tourists, not only to fill their mind and camera with stories and pictures but to fill their belly with delicious Indian food.

As a tour guide, I have been passionately working to offer the best experience possible to my guests. On the other hand, I want to help the young tourism professionals grow and achieve what they want from this industry. I want to inspire them to become a better tourism professional. With that in mind, I want to leave this industry in better shape than I found it.

It is the right time to inspire tourism professionals while helping the tourists to experience the Indian culture.
I am ready for the challenge. Does anyone want to join me?